Charity website design on a budget

My name is David, and I design and build websites for charities, NGOs, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and other socially-minded organisations on a tight budget — whether based in the UK or internationally.


By utilising freely-available resources such as WordPress, and hand-coding rather than relying on expensive website design packages, I keep overheads to a minimum whilst producing elegant charity website designs featuring:

Why focus on websites for charities?

Having worked and volunteered for a number of charities and non-profits, I know first-hand how restricted budgets, lack of resources and limited technical expertise can mean that creating a professional and easy-to-update charity website design is often out of reach for small- to medium-sized organisations.

Website visitor statistics, line graphs and tables, from Google Analytics

Yet your charity website is usually the first port of call for people wanting to know more about what you do, or how they could contribute to your work. Moreover, through proper use of website visitor statistics, you can analyse the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns.

By integrating your existing social network and media accounts — such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo — into your website design, you can automatically spread the word about your latest news and upcoming events to all of your followers.

With fifteen years' experience in quality website design, and my unique insight into the needs and capabilities of your organisation, I can create a bespoke, affordable website that highlights your charity work, increases your reach across social networks, and encourages donations.